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Karen’s Diner

Orton Square, Leicester – awaiting decision…

  • Interior Design
  • Material & colour selections
  • Interior Styling
  • 1500 Sqft
  • We were presented with a unique opportunity to breathe new life into this amazing building in Orton Square, Leicester.
  • Karen’s Diner, an iconic establishment with a rich history and a special place in the hearts of its patrons reached out to our team and we coundt be happier to share our ideas.
  • Our team eagerly embraced this project, channeling our passion for design and innovation to create a concept that honors tradition while infusing it with fresh, exciting elements that are true to Leicester.
  • Our primary goal for Karen’s Diner was to reimagine its identity, transforming it into a contemporary dining destination while preserving its cherished nostalgic ambiance.
  • As we anxiously await news regarding the fate of this project, we are thrilled to share our vision and design ideas for the revitalization of Karen’s Diner
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