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We all know it is changing! People are taking a chance and making bold choices especially in terms of colours for their interiors. Bold colours with complimenting furniture and décor pieces add the much needed drama and dept to a space.

Bright colour used indoors
Patterns add drama and personal touch to a space
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It adds an element of freshness to space, by breaking the monotony. Patterns in terms of geometrical or free form elevate a space. Use floral, natural print patterns in kitchens, bathrooms and even in the kid’s rooms or bedrooms. Whereas stick to more regimental patterns for the living rooms, large open halls. This will allow the patterns to be appreciated in their space.

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Mix and matching furniture and decor items will continue to rule in the new year. Check out our blog – 5 ESSENTIAL TIPS TO HELP YOU BUY YOUR FURNITURE where we mention more about this in detail.

Opposites attract !
Beautiful pattern tiles used in a bathroom
Trend 4


Patterned, coloured, glazed and customised tiles are becoming more and more popular in the kitchen and bathroom design. Using tiles to define a bath fitting, or a space in the kitchen or bathroom makes a great impact.

Trend 5


Adding décor and details to your interiors will remain forever, it will just change its intensity. We are moving into a fast-paced living as compared to our parents. We want our spaces to reflect our personality at the same time not seem to cluttered and be easily manageable in terms of maintaining and cleaning.

Love when “less is more” gives a beautiful outcome
Earthy Tones
Get the jungle inside
Trend 6


As we tend to stay more indoors with our changing lifestyles and requirements, people working from home, etc. It remains important to bring the outdoors inside in terms of plants or earthy elements as décor. Read the blog – 7 WAYS TO ADD VALUE TO YOUR SPACE WITH PLANTS INDOOR to know how you can style you interiors with plants and also read the blog – 6 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR INTERIORS ECO-FRIENDLY to see how you can make you interiors eco-friendly.

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