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Idea 1


People are realising how important it is to reduce waste and have already begun up-cycling their furniture. We too have been involved in up-cycling projects and always encourage our clients to keep the really good quality pieces and help them give it a new look. We should try to avoid spending on furniture by using or making furniture from existing products wherever possible.

Things to keep in mind while buying new furniture
Re-painting adds a little drama
Coconut shell used as beautiful bowls in the decor
Lined inside with shiny shells
Idea 2


If you are really interested in keeping many decor items, go for items that are make from recyclable waste or items that can easily be recycled. This way you will not add to the waste in the environment.

Idea 3


This is another important aspect we mostly neglect in interiors. It comes into application right at the construction stage of a project. We must provide windows, openings or doors in positions that allow the wind to pass through. Inlet and Outlet help the space to be fresh and clean at all times.

Inelt of fresh air
Outlet of stale air
Plant acting as a wall panel/decoration as well as keeping the air clean
Idea 4


I will be talking further about this topic of how and which plants to use in interiors in my future blogs. Plants as we all know help to bring freshness to a space. they help to maintain oxygen level in the space. plants also add a punch of colour to a space that can have any colour palette. So why not include them in our interiors when they have so many healthy benefits. There are various way in which you can use them as decor, such as –

  • tall sculptural plants as a corner or centre piece
  • succulents, which need minimum care and water and can act as small accent pieces on shelves or tables
  • hanging plants with overhanging foliage add height to a space when hung from the ceiling.
  • Bright flower or foliage can add the much-needed punch of colour you are looking for you interiors
Idea 5


Just like out body our living spaces also love a bit of the sun. Sunlight helps to kill the bacteria and germs in the air that are not visible to us. It’s always a good idea to get as much as you can in your interiors. Not only will it light up your space, but it will also help you cut down on your electricity bills. Less usage of artificial lighting will also result in less emissions of harmful gases from the light fittings. It will help your space to be warmer, especially in winters. You can use solar powered night lamps, chargers, cookers to use as much of the summer sun as you can. Basically, make hay while the sun shines!

Brighten up those curtains
Benjamin Moore
Idea 6


There are so many brands today that have realised their corporate social responsibility and have begun to incorporate it in their products and services. Paint companies such as The Organic and Natural Paint Co produce paints that have zero emissions which are safe for the people living in that space and also for the environment

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