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Quick Fix No. 1


This is one of the under-rated yet very effective hacks. Re-arrange your layout in a manner that is more open and obstacle free for a kid to move around. Also make sure to place all tall, wobbly items such as a coat hanger stand, lamp stand, behind heavy sturdy furniture items, so it is out of the reach of the kid.

Minimalism is the way to go now… avoid too many décor items, indoor plants, candles, glass objects in the open that might be at risk of being dropped by the kid and causing an injury or hazard.

Efficient & Functional planning
Such wall mount brackets can also help you view TV from multiple angles
Quick Fix No. 2


Wall Mount your TV. It will not only help you get a clean TV counter/cabinet but will also help your little one from messing around with the Cables of the TV.

Also, it is important to tuck away all the cables very neatly with a cable cover to avoid it being touched or getting stuck in.

Quick Fix No. 3


Another essential thing to do is cover all the electrical boards with a cover plate as kids tend to put their fingers in the electrical sockets. Any new thing is like a treasure for them of explore, so be very careful. Also, the cover come in a number of finishes and colours, so it will not spoil the interiors of your space.

Covered Switch board
Can be easily pasted to the under side of a rug to avoid it from slipping
Quick Fix No. 4


You can many attachments in the market and online today to baby-proof your homes such as corner cushion pads to protect the lid and even seniors from the sharp edges of the furniture. Anti-skid tapes that can be easily pasted to the bottom of your existing rugs that will be very helpful for your kid while crawling or beginning to walk as it won’t slip off. You should also secure your chest of drawers, standing cabinets to the wall with the help of L- Brackets that will make the furniture withstand the climbing force of the kid.

Quick Fix No.5


This is something that most parents do, and is the first most obvious purchase. It helps to restrict the kid to a particular area. You can use baby gates at the staircase ends, kitchen entrance and any specific you wish to. You get these in a variety of fixing options such as drilling and fixing, pressure pipes, etc. One thing that most people neglect is that these gates can be got custom made as per your existing home design and hence it won’t stand out and look like a part of your space.

Customised baby gate design to blend with your interiors
Prevents the kids from turning on the gas burner
Quick Fix No. 6


A must is to install cooker safety knobs to avoid the kid from accidentally turn on the gas. There are special cookers in the market now that operate with a magnetic controller that can very conveniently tucked away and is designed specifically keeping in the mind the changing needs of a growing family.

Quick Fix No. 7


Make sure you keep securely locked all cleaning chemicals and also shampoos, etc in the bathroom in a cabinet. Using these door lock straps that can be easily installed on your existing furniture and can be removed in the later years without damaging your furniture.

Safety Locks
DIY door lock protector
Quick Fix No. 8


Kids as they grow tend to fidget with the door handles and locks and can get themselves locked in a room or bathroom. With these door lock protectors, you can avoid them from doing so. Also alternatively keep a set of keys of all the rooms securing in a space that cannot be locked.

Quick Fix No. 9


Less is more. Avoid any thing that is dangling or hanging and in the possible reach of the kid to avoid mishaps. Things such as table cloths, throws, ropes of blinds, appliance wires, and even décor items kept at the ground level. Any other essential items that cannot be removed must be kept out of the reach of the kid or special attention must be given when the kid is around.

Keep only necessary furniture/decor items
Maximise obstacle-free space for kid to crawl & move around freely
Strong legs for stability
Soft furnishing & cushioning makes it baby friendly
Quick Fix No. 10


One thing to keep in mind while family planning and purchasing new furniture is invest in furniture that is very sturdy, has wide legs, has nice rounded edges and is well balanced as these things will save you a lot of worry and time in future when you want to baby proof your house. Future planning is always the way to go, darling!

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