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My Journey


The first step to start your own business is to START.

Simple right!

One needs to stop procrastinating and dive right in. Having said that I don’t mean leave your job or responsibilities and just start. It’s important to do your research and read a little about how starting your own business can be an advantage and disadvantage to you. This might vary from profession to profession. And just start working towards it on daily basis. Question everything you do – as to how it is helping you get closer to your goal of starting your own business.

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My Journey


For me starting my interior design business was very important at an early stage because with the backing of my parents I was able to experiment and see how I can manage my own business. I’ve always wanted to design and be able to deal with every part of the business myself (at least have knowledge of every aspect that makes a business) and this could only be achieved by actually doing it all myself.

I have got all the invaluable tips and encouragement from my DAD, he being an entrepreneur himself, he started from scratch with minimum education and maximum desire to excel. Every situation that I am going through right now feels like a huge rock standing in front of me. But the way he explains situations and encourages me to solve it myself makes me a little stronger day by day.

My Journey


Honestly, right after I began my journey as an entrepreneur, I realised it is so much more difficult that what I was expecting and at this time all my friends and family just gave me one advice… Be patient!

Easy said than done! Being young, full of energy it was the last thing I was expecting to learn from my start-up journey.

Well, we all embark on our own journeys in life…. Some journeys larger than the others, some complicated that the others, and we eventually, sooner or later find our own “magic secret” to be satisfied with ourselves and our doings.

Chaos is the fuel for inventions!
Turn up the volume !
My Journey


Let’s not get very philosophical now…. And listen to some interior design related journey I have been through.  

I recently, recorded a podcast with a friend , Xavi, who is marching ahead of me in my start-up journey. In this podcast we discussed what my business does, when I started this business, what is my vision for myself and what are the obstacles I am facing.
He brushed through some aspects that I’ve been working on since and having said that there is no fixed formula to move ahead. You have to keep trying every possible combination, use all the advice you get and see what works best for you.

The tips that he shared really helped me and I am sure they will help any other business as well. The ground rule for any business is the same – “work smart and efficiently”

I hope you enjoy the podcast and it helps you fuel your business dreams and visions.

I would love to know what you think about this podcast and would love to hear your experience’s too!

Listen the Podcast, HERE!
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