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Decking acts as an extended floorspace for you to enter in your garden area. This platform is very handy during summers. There are so many ways to make your patio the most attractive feature of your garden – one of the most cost-effective way is to paint it. Paint in different colours, patterns and uplift your outdoor space.

Decking can be painted to add a personal touch
Pergolas add a sense of enclosure to a space making it cosy
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Adding pergolas to a space gives a sense of an overhead covering. You can cover your pergolas with fabric, sheets, etc to obtain more protection from it. These spaces can be decorated and be the best spot to enjoy your evening wine of glass or party with your friends. There are numerous ways to decorate your pergolas by adding hanging plants, lights, coloured fabrics and even simply painting them to match the theme of your garden.

Element 3


We all need storage for our gardening boots, equipment, clothes and even some seasonally used items. The best way to store them is to store them in the space they will be required. For instance, use wall open shelving or covered cupboards for these items against your garden wall that are protected from sun, rain and snow.

Pushed against the wall allows to get garden space and also space to store tall garden equipments
Tropical garden theme
Element 4


It is very important to decide on a planting scheme depending on personal choice, climate and geography. The planting scheme can give your garden a completely different look and feel from lush green forest to a more zen and calmer garden feel. All the designing for your outdoor space, will revolve around your planting scheme or vice- versa.

Element 5


Designer light fittings, up-cycled light fittings or custom-made light fittings add an extra charm to your outdoor space. The outdoor glow in the dark because of these light fittings creating a completely different mood at night. Choose your light fitting that can withstand the weather conditions and offer good light when and where needed.

Modern outdoor lightings
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