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Designer Tip 1


It is very important to take into account the other furniture items which are in good condition and quality and which you might not want to get rid off for the next 5-10 years.
It is important for your new furniture to get along with the old one.
Take into consideration one aspect of the existing furniture and try to look for something that connects with it in the new furniture. It could be the wood/metal finish, colour of fabric, style – intricate/clean or even the era of that furniture style.
Remember to make it cohesive not identical.

Old exsisting beautiful dinning table
New Modern chairs add contrast but also blend in
Use sill height as a reference to understand the scale of the space
Designer Tip 2


Very important to keep in mind the area and volume of the space and how the furniture would cover the space. Remember to take your measurement and photos with you, sometimes experts at the store can help you understand the scale better. Also, if you are not keen on taking any measurements, place an item or a human in the frame of your photo, so it is easy to understand the scale of the whole space from a photo with reference to the human or the standard item (like a chair/stool/etc)

Designer Tip 3


Very important to buy items that require minimum maintenance as it makes it easier for you keep them in good shape for a longer time. Having said that you could also indulge in something more intricate and detailed to suit your personal choice, but make sure to know how the precautions to be taken and how you can maintain your beautiful piece for a long period.

Clean to maintain
Matching all soft furnishings was a trend, but does not suit well with every space
Designer Tip 4


You must have heard this from everyone in the fashion industry, that wear what is comfortable, what suits you and not what’s is trend. The same applies for furniture, it is like an accessory for your space and should feel comfortable and suitable for your space.
Spend on items that will not be replaced for the next 5-10 yrs. It will make the cost of the furniture over the period of years completely worth it. Also, durable and good quality furniture can later be refurbished or up-cycled to create a completely different look after ages.

Designer Tip 5


I know this sounds something like spending time doing research, and it is. There is absolutely no harm in having a look at some images online or on Pinterest to get an idea of what you like and showing them to the person at the store who can guide you to the best possible options saving a lot of your valuable time. You will also use your money wisely as you know what you’re looking for and pick the best option.

Plan out where & what you would like to have
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