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A little introduction to set the mood right.


Let’s explore a question: will you get more clients if you drop the price of your coffee or sandwiches?

Now let’s go a step forward: based on this new lower price, will your customers choose you over your competitors? If price and choices on the basis of it were the only considerations, your customers won’t be leaving home. In reality, a cup of coffee itself costs pennies. People are simply paying for the physical location and for someone to put it in a cup for them and serving it – otherwise known as a form of ‘experience’.

Yes, prices play a role in the experience but they are a minor part of the equation, given that there are already multiple options in each price range. And, if you are able to up that service and experience, you can charge more.

This pricing and service based success is true for a large portion of businesses. From luxury transportation to even an accounting service, the basic principle of cost vs service does not change.

Here, specific to your business, one of the important pricing factors is the interior and particularly, the interior design. Here are 5 ways the interior design impacts your sales:

Advantage No. 1


High street retail space is not cheap and certainly competitive. So, how can you stand out and brand yourself? Here, interior is one of the key factors.

In addition, given that your business depends on attracting new clients on a regular basis, once again, interior becomes a major factor. Every person passing by your cafe, looking in but not coming in, is a lost opportunity that you can seize with your interior.

Designed by RKB Design Studio Ltd
Cafe interior design leicester
The Indian Street food cafe in Leicester
By RKB Design Studio Ltd
Advantage No. 2


Once you have set the stage with your branding, the next consideration then is the angle of who you specifically want to come in.

Once again, it comes down to the feeling you are giving, building that attraction with your interior. So, if you are specific about the kind of clients you want coming in, the interior is your tool to portray that specificity.

Advantage No. 3


Building up on the point of branding and culture, cafes have now become communal points.

This is especially the case with freelance and contract workers, and friend groups in general. Once again, interior plays a major role in the kind of community that you can attract and sustain, giving you ongoing business.

And, if you can incorporate these communities into your marketing, e.g. through imagery and social media shares, you will keep attracting similar, further business.

cafe a communal space
Work, share and eat
product selections
Quality of product will affect pricing
Advantage No. 4


This one, as mentioned earlier, is easier to explain: there is a direct relation between your spend on the interior and the prices you can charge.

In fact, in most cases, the story is the other way around. You need to back your prices with the right interior. Anything under or over at that point can become a business deterrent, either though attracting the wrong crowd or under valuing your services respectively.

Advantage No. 5


Gone are the days when employees just worked for the end of the month paycheque.

Now, the focus of employment is on the kind of environment you can create. Then, based on that environment, you are able to attract the needed team members. And, as you can imagine, having the right staff is your key to building and maintaining a long term business.

Blog article supported by the writing team at MVC Accountants in Birmingham.

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