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Difference between an Interior Designer and Interior Decorator


A lot of people think that Interior Designers and Interior Decorators are the same jobs when in reality they are two different professions. The main difference between the two is that an Interior Decorators mostly focus on the visual aspect of a room and the main job is to add things to the space. On the other hand, an interior designer role is more linked to the role of an architect as they work more on the construction side of a space instead of just the aesthetics. Interior designers mainly rethink space distribution, practicality, and organisation through space planning and construction drawings and 3D visuals.

Working drawings
Material selections
Complete design and build team
Who do they work with ?


Interior designers always work with a team. This team will vary from project to project but normally tend to include:

– Engineers

– Architects

– Painters, plumbers, electricians

– Construction labourers

– Gardeners

– Suppliers

What is an Interior Designers role in a project?


The main role of an interior designer in a project is to enhance the function of the room or building. With their technical skillset, they are about to plan and renovate interiors through the development of technical drawings and 3D visuals. They also have the role of project managing once they start work on-site as they are responsible for the coordination of the construction team and installation team. Along with this once construction work is over in many cases they will also carry out the styling and aesthetic of the space by picking furniture and accessories needed.

design process
Overall scheme
Item selection and procurement
At work
Planning and scheduling work on site
Responsibility of an Interior Designer in a project


Interior designers are not only responsible for designing spaces but also have other responsibilities which can include:

-Meeting with clients to understand their needs for the project and, keep them up to date with what is happening

– Overseeing different ongoing projects which can be going on at once

-Ensuring all deadlines and specifications for projects are met

– Ensuring spaces they design meet clients, budgets, and requirements

-Drafting any written documentation related to the project, including agreements, invoices, minutes of meeting.

– Ensuring all building regulations and safety is being followed on site.

-Sketching out plans and making models.

Help make more sustainable


As designers, our job comes with a certain amount of responsibility especially, when it comes to our environmental impact. Designers are the people who are designing the future therefore, it is in our hands to make it a greener place. This is especially true for interior designers as due to being in the construction sector, there is a big amount we can do to make our projects more eco-friendly. This could include using natural materials, bringing natural light in to reduce energy used and reducing water consumption in buildings, designing systems that will help the space be self sufficient.

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