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Plants are essential and a must for any interior. Not only do they give a lot of health benefits but they also add a pop of colour to the space. Ikea has a large range of both real and fake plants ranging in different sizes all at a reasonable price. One of my personal favourites is the FEJKA plant. It is a real statement piece perfect for an office or living room and can be further tailored to your interior by changing the colour of the planter.

PRICE – £40

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Product 2


This is the IKEA PS 2014 pendant light. What is unique about this light is it has two pull strings that allow you to open and close the light depending on how bright you want your room to be. I think this light is a complete game-changer due to its unique design. It would make a statement in any room especially as it comes in various forms which would allow for two or three to be layered next to each other to create a statement area.

PRICE – £60 – £100

Product 3


The malm Ikea range is a draw range that Ikea sells that range from small side tables to dressing tables. These are perfect to be used as they come but can also easily be up-cycled by adding some handles to them.

Not only do they fit with almost any interior aesthetic due to the large colour range, but they are also very practical as the draws being deep would help you maximise storage.

PRICE – £40- £115

Side tables
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Product 4


This is a clear cantilever chair called the TOBIAS chair. It comes in three colours and can be used both as a desk chair or dining room table chair. Cantilever chairs are a design that is forever in style and originally was designed in the Bauhaus (Germany) in 1926. Although designed nearly 100 years ago it still looks like a modern and minimalist design. This chair is perfect to be used for layering as you can add texture to your space by adding a fur rug or pillow to make it.

PRICE – £60

Product 5


The Ikea PS locker style cabinets are perfect if you have an industrial or rustic style interior. It can be used as a tv stand or just as a side cabinet for extra storage. Although being such a simple piece it can easily be styled up with accessories added on top. Also as it being metal, you can easily add a fresh coat of paint to tailor it to your interior scheme.

PRICE – £70

Storage serving multiple purposes and adding colour to your interiors
Rattan pendant lights
Embrace Bohemian interiors with this chic light fitting
Product 6


Bamboo is a trend that has been commonly appearing more in interiors and rightly so! The SINNERLIG basket pendant light from Ikea is the perfect light fixture if you have a boho or Scandinavian style in your interior. Only for £40, you can achieve a natural and modern look. My favourite part about this light is the interactive cut-outs that make up the lamp shade. It won’t only look like a statement piece during the day but at night would create pattern shadows throughout your space.

PRICE – £40

Product 7


Mirrors are the perfect accessories to add to an interior especially smaller interior as they can help make the space feel bigger. Ikea may not be the first place you look for a mirror but it should be as they have a large selection of mirrors that are perfect for an interior but my favourite is their STOCKHOLM round mirror. It can be used as a normal wall mirror or on top of a dresser. The mirror frame itself comes with a small ledge, which can be used to keep a candle, a small succulent or nothing at all!

PRICE – £45-£60

Mirror design
It’s not just a mirror, it’s a piece of art!
Compact Work desk
Ideal for small spaces
Product 8


This is the smallest desk you can find at Ikea at being only 70cm in length. I think it was a must to mention as most people who don’t have a lot of space may decide not to have a desk or a dressing table but, this shouldn’t be the case as the MICKE desk from Ikea can be used as a desk, dresser or a combo of both if needed and only takes up a small space. It also comes with a draw so is perfect for extra storage.

PRICE – £40

Product 9


The Kallax shelving units from Ikea are one of the most popular due to the flexibility it has. Although only being a shelving unit that has no back, the opportunity to personalise it are endless.  You can firstly pick if you want to have it vertically or horizontally. Next, you can pick between different boxes, draws and doors can be added which allow for you to decide if you want it as an open cabinet or a closed one. This product is perfect if you’re looking for a DIY project as on youtube there are videos showing how people have up-cycled this shelving unit and made it their own. The flexibility doesn’t end there as it comes in different sizes you can use it for different functionalities such as a tv stand, shelving unit, or even a room divider.

PRICE – £19-£127

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