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Yes, if you have a flooring that you don’t really like, or want to change the look of your space without having to do the flooring, simply invest in a good quality and design rug.

Go for rugs with patterns and texture. And to nail the black and white theme go for a rug having these 2 primary colours at large.

Subtle patterns
Add a pop of colour with plants to your black and white walls.
Element 2


Maybe you have a wall that is already painted in a colour you want to change. Easy and quick fix is a wallpaper. Not only is it hassle free, but it offers you so many design options that you can then be a little bold and try some abstract/geometrical/textural print.

The best thing about peal and stick wallpapers is that you can change it anytime you want without damaging your walls.

Element 3


Use frames with black/white border and add some art that is also primary black and white or with some colour (you can use this as a pop of colour). The collage wall immediately brings a designer touch to your space and using the black and white scheme will look like a very well thought design approach.

Different sized frames creating excitement on the wall
Decor items
Element 4


Décor items are the finishing touches to a space. Spend some time going to thrift shops, décor item shops, etc to find décor items of a similar family in the black, white and pop of your chosen colour tones. If you don’t find them in black and white, don’t worry you can spray paint them and its very inexpensive. Décor items such as vase, pots, stones, figurines, memorabilia, etc add personal touch to space.

Element 5


And last but one of the most important items is light fittings, if you have the budget you can invest in nice matt black/white finish light fittings to spice up your space. Alternatively, you can simply clean and spray paint your old fittings to give them a new life in the black and white themed space.

White fixtures look elegant
Black fixtures look bold
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