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Easy Step 1


This has helped me find my things immediately and get on with my work as soon as I get on my desk. When the space in front of you is clean your mind is clutter free and you can then bring in new ideas, be cheerful and energetic for your work.

My home office
My To do list
Hydrating is important
Some greenery please!
Design inpiration and stadniards
Organised stationary
my desk space
Water breaks
Natural sunlight and view outside
Easy Step 2


Usually it takes me some time to get into the non-stop typing or designing mode. And once I am in the mode, I tend to not pay attention to my body’s demands such as water or even a coffee break. A handy water bottle is very essential at such times.

Easy Step 3


Make it a point to take 10 min breaks every 2 hours to just stretch a little on your chair and do some breathing exercises. This will charge you to get going and finish your work at a much better productive rate. You can also look outside the window and do the 5-4-3-2-1 exercise, that is –

Say out loud – 5 things you see

Hear and listen to – 4 different sounds around

Touch or feel the textures of – 3 things around you

Notice and smell – 2 different scents around you

Taste – 1 thing (may be water, coffee, or just your saliva)

nature and texture
Dark and rough
Green and smooth
my to do list sample
Everyday check list
Easy Step 4


I love ticking off the check list, but to do that I need to sit and get those tasks done. I usually make a list every work I need to do, even if is as small as sending a reminder messaging to a client or as big as finishing a drawing/3d or design. I usually like to break down my big tasks into small achievable items on my check list. This helps me achieve more in less time. Every time I mark a tick on my diary, I feel like I am moving ahead and encouraged to do more.

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