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This year people have started being less scared of using colour within the interior of their houses. This has especially been seen in kitchens. Two-tone kitchen cabinets are currently everywhere, and I believe it’s an aesthetic that is definitely here to stay. The most common combination is having a darker colour on the bottom cabinets and a lighter on top. Although some people think this would clash. If the right colours are used, they would balance each other out and, create a breath-taking kitchen that all your friends will be jealous of. The reason why this design has become so popular is due to it being able to adapt to a traditional or more modern kitchen making it perfect for any type of home.

Light toned cabinets on the top make the space airy
Dark toned cabinets ground the design
Crittall metal-frame windows add character to a simple glass window/door
Trend 2


If your home has a modern/industrial interior this trend is for you. Crittall metal-frame is not only seen on windows but also doors, room dividers, and mirrors. This is a trend that started in the art deco period and then made a comeback in the ’80s, and once again it is back making in appearance. What makes this style of window stand out to me is that due to the square/rectangle shapes allows for interesting shaped shadows to be casted into a room which helps add depth to the space. If you want a contemporary style home with a hint of an industrial style then this is a trend worth investing in.

Trend 3


Most people associate rattan furniture with chairs they see in old fashioned homes. However, due to the growth in natural-looking furniture rattan and wicker have become people’s go-to options.  As it’s a very versatile texture that can be used in a lot of different styles of homes ranging from a boho interior to a modern on. Rattan and wicker furniture is a perfect texture to layer as it helps add an organic feel to any room and in most cases, is perfect to help break up different colours used in a room.

Beautiful rattan lamp
Rattan chair layered with a throw and cushions
A velvet sofa adds royalty to this space!
Trend 4


Although some people wanted this trend to go the day it came, it has managed to take over most people’s home interior. From sofas to chairs, pillows, and curtains. Velvet is everywhere and it’s a texture that adds a touch of elegance to any room to a room.

Trend 5


A trend that is inspired by the ’60s and ’70s has managed to make a come back. These organic forms make an interior more interesting and some say it gives a tranquil and relaxed ambient due to the curved shapes and rounded edges being associated with circles and waves. They are commonly seen in commercial space as they help a space feel welcoming which makes it perfect for a living room.

curved furniture
Smooth edges on this sofa adds femininity to a space!
floral ceiling
Dark floral wallpaper used on the ceiling adds drama!
Trend 6


When some people think about floral wallpaper they think about the wallpaper found in a house in the ’80s. However, wallpaper has completed evolved and today comes in bold abstract styles which help add personality to a space. One extremely popular wallpaper has been the tropical green leaf print, which is a personal favourite of mine and one you should definitely consider using in your home. There has not only been a growth in the use of wallpaper but also, to where it is applied. As we are moving away from the traditional method of only using it on the wall in your living room and bedroom to starting to using it on ceilings and even in bathrooms which really helps make a statement.

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