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It is important to make sure you are in the right space to get the job done right.


An office or workspace optimised for productivity is an excellent business investment. A visually appealing and comfortable environment promotes and boosts performance. In this article, we look at five such things you can do to enhance your working environment. Continue reading to find out more.

Element 1


Studies show that fresh air in a workplace can bolster productivity as much as 11%. 

A few simple ways you can optimise your office space to provide staff with the fresh air they need is to:

  • If possible, while selecting your office space/room, make sure the space has good cross-ventilation, this will instantly reduce the add-ons you might need to get fresh air.
  • Buy some (real) plants
  • Open windows
  • Install an air filtration system
  • Use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products 
Office interiors
Multiple windows allowing in plenty of fresh air and carrying out stale air
Plants adding the much needed freshness to the space
office design
Glass partitions allowing light to reach as far as it can in the workspace
Element 2


Simply, take a look at your workspace lighting. Do your workers have enough light? Do they have access to natural light? If they don’t, this could result in tiredness, eye strain, headaches and potential mental health difficulties. 

An HR News study found that more than a third of office workers feel they do not have enough access to fresh air (32%), and 28% do not have enough access to natural light. A further study by Cornell University found that access to natural light reduced eye strain by 84%.  However, rethinking your office lighting design does not have to be complicated. For example, you can: 

  • Move desks closer to windows
  • Replace flickering lights
  • Move anything blocking natural light
  • Install anti-glare computer screens
  • Install daylight bulbs that mimic natural light
Element 3


It is very important to take into account the other furniture items which are in good condition and quality and which you might not want to get rid off for the next 5-10 years.
It is important for your new furniture to get along with the old one.
Take into consideration one aspect of the existing furniture and try to look for something that connects with it in the new furniture. It could be the wood/metal finish, colour of fabric, style – intricate/clean or even the era of that furniture style.
Remember to make it cohesive not identical.

office ergonomics
Maintain the right posture
Anti-glare computer screens
blue interiors
Blue is a touch of casualness and sophistication
Element 4


Traditional workspaces tend to be white or magnolia. Still, with a little more creativity, your colour choice could inspire teams to work more productively. Here are a few examples:

Blue and shades of blue : Promotes focus and concentration. This is an excellent idea for workspaces, where high-stress levels are the norm.

Yellow and shades of yellow : A positive and motivational colour, ideal for sales or call centre environments.

Green and shades of green : A balanced and natural colour that promotes a sense of calmness and is said to produce less eye strain. It’s perfect for office workers typing on their computers all day. 

Element 5


It’s hard to concentrate when there’s constant noise from machines and people. Create a more productive and harmonious office by keeping workspaces separate from communal areas. You can also deaden distracting sounds using acoustic wall panels, acoustic clouds, fabric partitions, artwork and also something as simple as a dense plant, these all help to absorb excess noise. Some office spaces nowadays also play instrumental or soft music at the background, which has proven to help some people concentrate and perform better.

Also, management should encourage staff to respect one another’s environments too and move noisy machines (for instance, printers and copiers) to a separate space. 

office panels
Accoustic clouds absorb the noise in the air
Carpet acts as the best flooring and noise absorbing material
office designs
Happy teams are the best teams!
In conclusion


It’s possible to create a productive working environment without enormous disruption or expense. The key takeaway is, the better optimised your workspace, the more productive your teams will be, so see this as an investment in your long-term profitability. Also never shy away from consulting an expert if you don’t know what can work best for your space.

This blog was produced in collaboration with Court of Protection Solicitors: Thaliwal & Veja, and written by the team at SEO Agency London: Marketing Voices.

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