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A little introduction to set the mood right.


We spend a lot of time in the office – a third of our lives to be precise. That’s equivalent to 90,000 hours over the course of a lifetime.

So it’s not surprising you want your office to be an attractive place that stimulates your productivity without even knowing it. Unfortunately, many employers do not actually realise the impact the appearance has on attracting new employees and then keeping them.

In fact, this is especially true for younger employees who are actively looking to work in fun office settings. Therefore, updating and refreshing the working environment will have an immediate and lasting effect on attracting the best talent and boosting the morale of your existing workforce. In addition, if your business has clients or customers who regularly visit the office, it’s incredibly important to make a good first impression.

And by refreshing the office space, you can ensure you are representing your brand in the best way and reinforces who you are as a business. Furthermore, if you’re a small business and anticipating growth, an office renovation is a great way to prepare for when you start employing new staff, because this is your opportunity to add more space or re-design your current layout. With that in mind, here are 4 ways you can refresh your office space on a budget.

Hack Number 1


An office that is organised and free from clutter can supercharge your day and give you room to complete more tasks as your attention won’t be diverted from stress-producing distractions.

Often, people will put off tackling the mess because they’re either attached to what’s in the space, don’t have enough time or don’t want to make choices.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, the first place to start is by jotting down a list of everything you use in the office regularly for a couple of weeks. Then once you have a list of items you actually use, everything else is probably kept “just in case” and is not something you should keep.

Next, you can begin your clean so make sure you block off time in your diary to do so, which means it will not interfere with anything else so you won’t feel stressed doing it.

Ultimately, you should be able to identify the purpose for every single thing in the office – including inside your drawers – hiding things away does not mean getting rid of clutter!

Lastly, once you’re left with only the things your office needs, put everything back where you want it to go and commit to putting those items back in their “homes” when you’re finished using them.

office storage solutions
Closed and open storages
Clean and clutter free work desks
office artwork
Turn your walls into an art piece
Hack Number 2


Whether your business is a small startup or a large corporation, or even if you work from a home office, it’s always a good idea to spruce up the walls with inspirational, motivational or minimalist wall art.

Simply, choosing office wall decor is crucial for setting the tone that works best and contributes to a productive space, so it’s important to pick art that will either convey a message or fits in with the overall office decor.

And because thoughtfully decorated offices can have a positive impact on motivation and mood, wall decor is a key element in creating a working environment which employees don’t mind spending all day in.

For example, you could create a mini gallery of photos that jump out of the wall to give an eye-catching display or have a large, bold statement in a bright colour to get your message across.

In other words, art is the perfect way to convey your brand’s unique style and character to clients and employees, so be selective and consider how you want the artwork to make people who visit the office feel.

Hack Number 3


Colours create different atmospheres and influence creativity and mood at work.

For instance, orange and red evoke energy and stimulates conversations so this would work where you want employees to be energetic during a brainstorming activity.

On the other hand, if you want employees to feel comfortable and stable, brown artwork helps to create a sense of order, whereas blue represents calm and harmony, giving a more relaxed vibe.

However, it is not just the colour choice itself that makes an impact, but the intensity of it is equally as important; high intensity will stimulate whilst low intensity will soothe.

It’s worth noting here, that whilst colour choice is unlimited, main colour options include blue, reed, green and yellow but these should not be mixed in the same space

Rather, the use of one colour will help to build a strong sense of identity with both the brand and within the workforce, benefitting company cohesion overall.

pop of colour
Pop of orange and yellow to brighten up the space
Creating interesting spaces with colour
bringing the outdoor in
Greens in office space to calm the atmosphere!
Hack Number 4


In a modern office space, there are particular design elements you can expect such as open floor plans, motivational messages, coffee machines and now – office greenery.

Today, it’s no good just having grey walls and desk cubicles. Many successful companies worldwide are incorporating indoor plants into their office layouts.

But, plants and greenery is far more than just a trend, there have been several studies that suggest the benefits go beyond aesthetics, like workplace happiness and increased levels of productivity.

Essentially, office designs that mimic natural environments evoke different responses in people than urban environments, giving the sense of being away, feeling relaxed and tranquil which can help with stress relief.

So whether it’s an entire wall draped in greenery or small succulents on window sills, bringing the outdoors inside will encourage employees to spend longer in the office space, feel focused and happy.

Let's summarise

A lot of the time, business owners are hesitant to revamp the office as they fear it will cost too much money. But the truth is, an office refresh will bring long lasting benefits for both the business and the employees. And, the happier your employees are, the bigger impact this will have on your profits, as a comfortable working environment will only enhance productivity. All in all, your office space should not only be flexible, but look exciting and unique whilst still looking professional.

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This blog was produced in collaboration with OTL Creations and Shenstone Country Club.

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